Our approach

From prototype to production and delivery

We develop your whole packaging process as a full-service partner in cardboard packaging materials. From design to printing, die-cutting, folding and adhering, you can count on us for personal and transparent communication.


Determining packaging needs

At a first exploratory meeting we listen to your packaging desires. What is the product? What is important? Does the packaging have a branding function? Is extra protection needed for transport? We have a series of questions to determine how your ideal packaging will be. We give professional advice, you make the final choices.


Design and prototype

After the necessary contact we come up with a suitable design. We present you with the packaging solution with all details and requirements relating to storage, transport and branding. A prototype is made as a limited edition to test the packaging and production process in practice. In this vital test phase we identify any possible corrections and optimisation.


Production and delivery

When all the I’s have been dotted and Ts’ crossed with the trial version we proceed with the production and delivery of your packaging. We produce and supply your packaging materials at a frequency and volume of your choice. If required the necessary packaging machines are also supplied to you.

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