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Our personalisable packaging is the ideal protection for your foodstuffs such as vegetables, fruit, chicken, meat, fish, patisserie, confectionery, dairy products, etc. Our expertise in the food sector guarantees packaging that impeccably preserves, protects, stores and transports.

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Tomatoes, paprika, chicory, strawberry, berries, etc.

Beef, chicken, turkey, pork, spread, battered fish, etc.

Tart boxes, baking moulds, biscuit and waffle boxes, etc.

Pralines, bonbons, chocolate bars, loose sweets, etc.

Pasta, flour, aperitives such as olives, tapenades, etc.


Packaging for items including household products, bolts and screws, care products, flowers and plants, clothing and lingerie, fully in line with your brand’s needs. Specific requirements for printing, constructions and shapes? We look forward to getting down to work for you.

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Cleaning articles, archive boxes, office accessories, ink, stationery, etc.

Tools, lighting and lamps, etc.

Car parts such as bolts, screws, oils, etc.

Lotions, make-up, scheergerief, tandpasta, shampoo, douchegels,…

Lotions, make-up, shaving accessories, toothpaste, shampoo, shower gels, etc.

Flowers and plants

Premium packaging

Sometimes packaging must do more than just protect the product. We will be pleased to further advise you on packaging that really catches the eye on the shelves! Gold foil, gloss coating, mat coating, embossing, etc. techniques aplenty to commercially upgrade your packaging.

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Make-up articles such as mascara, eyeliners, lipstick, etc.

Tobacco, cigars and cigarettes

Premium whiskey, gin, vodka, cognac, etc.

Medication and care products

Tart boxes, baking moulds, biscuit and waffle boxes, etc.

Packaging systems

We supply you with cartoning machines, box erector machines, box sealing machines and sleeving machines. In a nutshell, everything to have your packaging line run smoothly and efficiently.

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