Food packaging

Functional and commercial packaging for foodstuffs

Our personalisable packaging is the ideal protection for your foodstuffs such as vegetables, fruit, chicken, meat, fish, patisserie, confectionery, dairy products, etc. Our expertise in the food sector guarantees packaging that impeccably preserves, protects, stores and transports.

Some examples

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The right packaging for…

Tomatoes, paprika, chicory, strawberry, berries, etc.

Beef, chicken, turkey, pork, spread, battered fish, etc.

salmon, haring, tuna, battered fish, etc.

Tart boxes, baking moulds, biscuit and waffle boxes, etc.

Pralines, bonbons, chocolate bars, loose sweets, etc.

Milk, butter, cheese, cream, yoghourt, etc.

For cats, dogs, birds, fish, horses, etc.

Tea bags, loose tea, coffee beans, coffee pads, etc.

Ready-made meals for the microwave/oven

Hamburgers, sandwiches, pita, pizzas, etc.

Biscuits, breakfast cereals, sugar, oats, etc.

Pasta, flour, aperitives such as olives, tapenades, etc.

Beer, wine, champagne, soft drinks, etc.

Packaging cans and glass pots for foodstuffs

Packaging airline meals

All sorts of deep-frozen foodstuffs

Vacuum packaging or with the addition of gases for a longer shelf life

Functional packaging

Packaging must in the first place keep your foodstuffs together. The functional aspect of packaging comprises good preservation and easy storage and transport. This is why we pay attention to the strength, durability and cold- and moisture-resistance of your packaging. We then have food packaging that optimally protects your products and keeps them fresh, also during transport.

When designing your packaging solution we take account of all your logistical requirements. We choose the right material based on your product and application. We go for compact formats that are easily stackable and easy to handle for cost-efficient transport and storage.

Commercial packaging

Is your packaging part of you branding strategy? It can be desirable to ensure the recognisability of your packaging in any logistical phase of your product. In that case it is crucial that it is made to stand out with the development of your packaging.

We have numerous printing techniques at our disposal to give your packaging a commercial added value and/or convey the right information. You think, we help to provide your dream packaging. Use your packaging in as powerful marketing tool.

Endless options for personalisation

  • All types of printing for personalisation gloss coatingmat coatinggold foilembossing, etc.
    (on the inside and/or outside)
  • Application of a moisture-resistant coating for fresh and deep-frozen products
  • Windowing for easy viewing inside for customs or the end consumer
  • Enormous choice of formatsshapes and constructions
van de velde packaging bullet Rich experience in the food industry
van de velde packaging bullet In line with food safety (BRC and ISO certified)
van de velde packaging bullet From virtual blueprint to production
van de velde packaging bullet Printing, corrugating, embossing, die-cutting, coating, folding, adhering and windowing
van de velde packaging bullet 100% recyclable
van de velde packaging bullet 100% personalisable

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