Non-food packaging

Your product in the perfect packaging on the market

Cardboard packaging to keep your non-food products intact and market them to perfection? Whether this be bolts, screws, DIY articles, flowers and plants or household products and care products, we help you get the right packaging.

Practical examples

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The right packaging for …

Cleaning articles, archive boxes, office accessories, ink, stationery, etc.

Tools, lighting and lamps, etc.

Flowers and plants

Lingerie, hosiery, underwear, gift packaging, shoes, etc.

All kinds of toys for indoors and outdoors

Lotions, make-up, scheergerief, tandpasta, shampoo, douchegels,…

Lotions, make-up, shaving accessories, toothpaste, shampoo, shower gels, etc.

Auto-onderdelen zoals bouten, schroeven, olieën,…

Car parts such as bolts, screws, oils, etc.

Non-food packaging

  • Fully according to your requirements
  • Flexible and comprehensive production capacities
  • From virtual concept to production
  • Printing, corrugating, embossing, die-cutting, coating, folding, adhering and windowing using the latest technologies
  • 100% recyclable
  • 100% personalisable

The right packaging for…

  • Household products
  • DIY articles
  • Horticulture
  • Clothing/lingerie
  • Toys
  • Care products
  • Automotive

We go that extra mile with cardboard packaging

We guide you through the whole packaging process, from the design of the concept to production. We work with you to obtain sustainable cardboard packaging. Sustainability for the environment and your company. High quality packaging that supports the logistics and marketing of your company and does not compound it is crucial for the future of your company.

Functional and commercial packaging

The purpose of the packaging determines the solution selected. The functional aspect of packaging must facilitate transport, storage and handling. There’s more to consumer packaging than mere functionality. Appealing to the end customer, conveying information and amusing the customer are other important purposes of packaging.

Irrespective of the required purpose, Van De Velde excels in both functional cardboard packaging and packaging with a communication objective.

Endless options for personalisation

  • Numerous personalisation options: gloss coatingmat coatinggold foilembossing, etc.
  • Application of coatings to protect against moisture and for storage
  • Windowing packaging
  • Standard formats to sizesforms and constructions according to requirements

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