Premium packaging

Packaging that underlines your quality

Your exclusive product in a supreme form on the market? We have the knowledge and tools to make the packaging of your product unique. Ready for packaging that rhymes with your brand and raises your product to a higher level?

Some examples

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The right packaging for …

Make-up articles such as mascara, eyeliners, lipstick, etc.

Tobacco, cigars and cigarettes

Premium whiskey, gin, wodka, Cognac,…

Premium whiskey, gin, vodka, cognac, etc.

Medicatie en verzorgingsproducten

Medication and care products

Pralines, bonbons, schepsnoep, chocoladerepen,…

Pralines, bonbons, chocolate bars, loose sweets, etc.

Taartdozen, bakvormen, koekjes- en wafeldozen,…

Tart boxes, baking moulds, biscuit and waffle boxes, etc.

Premium packaging

  • Numerous finishing technologies
  • More than 80 years of experience
  • Fully in line with your branding strategy
  • Professional advice and guidance
  • Flexible and comprehensive production capacities
  • From virtual concept to production

The perfect packaging for…

  • Cosmetics
  • Smoking accessories
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chocolate and confectionary
  • Bread and patisserie

From blank packaging 
to individual packaging to unwrap 

A premium alcohol label, a reputable chocolate brand, a high-end bottle of perfume – some products just ask for more. The consumer simply expects this with such products. They make the feel and experience of your brand complete.

For finishing technologies we have a whole range of options on our menu. Gold printing, gloss coating, mat coating, die-cutting, windowing, etc. Enough options to give your packaging the perfect look and feel. And that in the shape and size as desired.

The vital element of your brand experience

Our cardboard packaging gives your consumer a good feeling, it underlines and strengthens the quality of your product. Do you want an intelligent, decorative, luxurious or ecological feel? In recent years we have already helped hundreds of companies to benefit from stylish cardboard packaging. Our people know the packaging world inside out.

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