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From prepress to in-line labelling

We are equipped with comprehensive machinery and an expert team. This enables us to satisfy just about any paper-based packaging needs.

Product development and prepress

We create a design based on your packaging needs. This is created using a CAD-CAM system in 3D to give you a true picture of the final packaging. The design is refined in shape and functionality based on your feedback. This preliminary design makes discussion and fine-tuning easier. Expensive mistakes are then also avoided.

Our prepress-department examines each file received for technical printing feasibility. We always search for the optimal solution as regards styling and functionality. The latter depends on the purposes of your packaging.



Van De Velde Packaging has offset presses for up to 7 colours. Besides full-colour and PMS there is also the option of customer-specific colours. Any required colour can be supplied. Our colour management system ensures that the colours exactly correspond to the colours of the approved print run. The printed sheets are dried in no time at all (IR and/or UV drying) and further processed. This is how we achieve such a high throughput speed. To give the packaging even more appeal we can provide the printed sheets with 26 different finishes. Our small and large format presses also guarantee great flexibility for the order size.


Hot and cold foil

Certain product packaging requires a luxury appearance. Our foil machine offers unbounded options. With hot or cold foil stamping we turn your packaging into a real eye-catcher, for example by giving it a gold or silver hologram or metallic foil in a range of colours.


Die-cutting and embossing

Skilled die-cutting is essential for the ultimate processability of your packaging. With advanced die-cutting techniques we give your packaging an extra dimension. Examples are window die-cutting or embossing (relief printing) of a logo. A pull strip or perforation are also among the options.



Windowing is applying (transparent) foil in packaging. This technique ensures that the product does not immediately come into contact with the cardboard and the product is still visible from the outside. You have complete freedom of choice as regards shape, size and positioning of the window. Other application such as mirror and microwave foil are also among the possibilities.
The pick and place technology used enables the adhesion of pre-punched and pre-corrugated windows. Then different types of folding boxes can be produced with 3D windows.


Fold gluing

Fold gluing expands the packaging options Choose from a longitudinal seam, autolock or 4-point, 6-point or special gluing. Packaging is folded in our gluing department, then glued and packed for transport.


In-line labelling

During the folding and gluing process we can introduce various types of tags (such as electronic article security) in your packaging. This is a solution for products that may be stolen in making them practically invisible. We can also provide your packaging with stickers and booklets. You receive ready-to-use packaging already labelled by us. You then save on time-consuming work and money in the packaging process.


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